Job: Growth Hacker at Platform Venture Studio

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Growth Hacker

Platform Venture Studio

About Platform

Platform is a Venture Studio. We create startups, and fund and support them until they are ready to spread their wings as independent businesses.  We aim to launch multiple startups per year, with a higher overall success rate than traditional venture capital.

Platform was founded by 10x serial entrepreneur, Jeremy Burton (Wonolo, Fundly, Symbian) and seasoned venture investor, Tim Connors (founder/partner of PivotNorth, and former partner at Sequoia and USVP).

We focus on building startups that address the future of work. The ongoing growth of the gig economy and remote work (accelerated by COVID-19) creates a need for whole new categories of products and services.  Platform itself is an all-remote organization and we strongly believe in “eating our own dog food”.

The primary advantages of working for a venture studio are variety and diversified risk. You will have the opportunity to work on multiple products and startups, and you are not playing the startup lottery, hoping that the one startup you join will be one of the < 1% to give employees a positive exit.

The foundation of Platform is our Tao – it describes our core beliefs and values, and the way we get things done.

(For more background on the venture studio model, we recommend the Global Startup Studio Network’s White Paper.)

Growth at platform

“Growth Hacker” is perhaps a Silicon Valley cliche but we mean it.  Growth hacking is rapid and data-driven experimentation to acquire users and customers.

We rapidly validate and iterate new product ideas, and launch them early to get user feedback.  To do this, we need to build an audience as quickly and inexpensively as possible, and learn if we can consistently acquire users for a price that makes the business viable.

You’ll work closely with the core Platform team and our Founders-in-Residence to brainstorm and execute marketing campaigns to validate and grow products.  You’ll post and manage ads on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other social media, create email campaigns, build and A/B test landing pages, research and buy Google keywords, help with SEO/SEM, and come up with the occasional “crazy” idea to find users.

As a member of the core platform team, you will have the ability to work on multiple projects but, should you fall in love with one particular product and company, you are free to stay with the company when they spin-out from Platform.

Here is who we are looking for:

  • No marketing experience is required, but is useful.
  • You will be highly-numerate and data-driven, and may have a background as an engineer, scientist, or data analyst – growth hacking is all about data and continuous optimization.
  • You have a hacker mentality – relentlessly curious, experimental and creative.
  • You’re a problem solver, unable to let go of a problem until you’ve solved it, bordering on obsessive.
  • You’re not seeking a Pulitzer prize, but you’ll have an ability to write online advertising copy and experiment with language, predominantly in English.
  • You have a strong bias to action, scrappiness, and ability to move quickly.
  • You’re comfortable asking for forgiveness, not permission.
  • You’ll be comfortable working remotely as the norm. We are a remote-first company, with a remote-first culture.
  • You’ll read our Tao and feel it describes a culture that you’ll thrive in.

We are offering:

  • A competitive salary, commensurate with your experience and location.
  • Stock options in Platform itself.
  • The opportunity to receive additional stock options in companies that Platform spins-out.
  • If you are US-based, medical insurance and other benefits.
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • An empathetic, supportive, and inclusive culture.