Job: Full-Stack Software Engineer at Platform Venture Studio

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Full-Stack Software Engineer

Platform Venture Studio

About Platform

Platform is a Venture Studio. We create startups, and fund and support them until they are ready to spread their wings as independent businesses.  We aim to launch multiple startups per year, with a higher overall success rate than traditional venture capital.

Platform was founded by 10x serial entrepreneur, Jeremy Burton (Wonolo, Fundly, Symbian) and seasoned venture investor, Tim Connors (founder/partner of PivotNorth, and former partner at Sequoia and USVP).

We focus on building startups that address the future of work. The ongoing growth of the gig economy and remote work (accelerated by COVID-19) creates a need for whole new categories of products and services.  Platform itself is an all-remote organization and we strongly believe in “eating our own dog food”.

The primary advantages of working for a venture studio are variety and diversified risk. You will have the opportunity to work on multiple products and startups, and you are not playing the startup lottery, hoping that the one startup you join will be one of the < 1% to give employees a positive exit.

The foundation of Platform is our Tao – it describes our core beliefs and values, and the way we get things done.

(For more background on the venture studio model, we recommend the Global Startup Studio Network’s White Paper.)

Engineering at platform

The venture studio model involves continually evaluating new startup ideas.  Once we identify a concept that has potential, we rapidly research and make a go/no-go decision on progressing to the next stage and investing further.

This is where you come in:  as a Full Stack Engineer, you’ll be helping build products and rapidly iterating them based on early user feedback, through to launch and spin-out.

Through this process, you will also be developing best practices, patterns, and even shared libraries, used across multiple products/companies.

Our ability to implement effectively and efficiently is vital to our model. We build using continuous development using kanban and leverage many 3rd-party frameworks to collect usage data and iterate quickly based on user feedback.

As a member of the core platform team, you will have the ability to work on multiple projects but, should you fall in love with one particular product and company, you are free to stay with the company when they spin-out from Platform.

You will have:

  • 5+ years of experience in both front-end and back-end web development (an uneven mix is ok)
  • Front-end web development experience in React. React Native and Redux experience is helpful.
  • Back-end web development experience, ideally in Rails, but analogous experience in Python or Javascript based frameworks is fine too.
  • An ability to dial in the right level of quality vs speed, based on the needs of the situation, and be comfortable doing so. Non-core features in early-stage products might only need a “6 out of 10” where the core “wow moment” of a developed idea might need a “9 out of 10”.
  • An enthusiastic, generalist approach, with an interest and ability in working on multiple products in succession. This is an opportunity to go broad and learn new technologies as needed.
  • Experience working with continuous development, using kanban.
  • Experience managing production deployment is helpful but not essential.
  • Experience building effective working relationships with designers and product people.
  • Comfort working remotely as the norm and the communication skills to make it work effectively. We are a remote-first company, with a remote-first culture.
  • A desire to work in a small, agile, scrappy, and fun team.
  • A strong sense that our Tao feels like it describes a culture that you’ll thrive in.

We are offering:

  • A competitive salary, commensurate with your experience and location.
  • Stock options in Platform itself
  • The opportunity to receive additional stock options in companies that Platform spins-out
  • If you are US-based, medical insurance and other benefits
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • An empathetic, supportive, and inclusive culture