Platform Studio 2021 Halfway Check-in

2021 has been quite a year! 6 months in and Platform has two companies in market, killed one company and has several more that are in the early stages of product market fit development. Our CEO, JB, walks through highs and lows from the first half of the year and what we can expect fromContinue reading “Platform Studio 2021 Halfway Check-in”

Earn Equity without quitting your day job

Have you ever wanted to get early stage startup equity, without the risk of leaving your day job? While it may sound too good to be true – I promise – it isn’t. Joining a startup is risky. It often pays less than more established companies, and the big benefit (the equity) could be worthlessContinue reading “Earn Equity without quitting your day job”

Why do startups fail?

More than 99% of startups fail. Why? There have been many analyses. “No market need“, “ran out of cash“, “wrong team“, and “outcompeted” are all commonly cited reasons. But these only answer the first “why?”. Let’s ask the next “why?”. We believe that startups mostly fail for two fundamental reasons: passion-blindness + confirmation bias =Continue reading “Why do startups fail?”

The Truth About Advisors

Startup founders are strongly encouraged to find advisors. The theory being that advisors with deep expertise and networks can significantly increase a startup’s chances of success.  Therefore, the theory goes, the valuable equity given to advisors is well worth it. I have no doubt that good advisors can make a difference. However, most founders –Continue reading “The Truth About Advisors”