Why do startups fail?

More than 99% of startups fail. Why?

There have been many analyses. “No market need“, “ran out of cash“, “wrong team“, and “outcompeted” are all commonly cited reasons.

But these only answer the first “why?”. Let’s ask the next “why?”.

We believe that startups mostly fail for two fundamental reasons:

passion-blindness + confirmation bias = loss of objectivity

reinventing the wheel + inexperience = inefficient execution

Good news: we can mitigate both of these problems!

At Platform, we’re building a detailed, repeatable, and data-driven process to create, build, and scale startups; all driven by PlatformOS, our internal software platform.

We also leverage the Platform Guild – our network of trusted advisors and subject-matter experts – to help our portfolio companies avoid common mistakes and exceed expectations.

Venture Studios are a new but rapidly-growing asset class. This growth is being driven by an emerging consensus that the Venture Studio model offers a significantly higher success rate versus traditional venture, while maintaining traditional venture’s diversified risk. We’re excited by what the studio model has to offer.

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