Oh Crap!

Socially Awkward / Awesome Penguin

So, I’ve started a Venture Studio…

What have I done?

Some of my good friends are venture capitalists (some of them are reading this email). It feels incredibly arrogant to suggest there’s a different way to build startups.  In my darker moments, I wonder if they’re wishing me the best of luck to my face while quietly thinking or hoping I’ll fail.

I trust they’ll accept that Silicon Valley has always been about disruption, about challenging dogma, and that this ethos can be applied to anything, including the very way that startups themselves are built.

The good news is that I’m not alone.

Bill Gross started IdeaLab back in 1996. For a while, he paved the way more or less alone.  The 2000s saw a couple more join the fray – Betaworks and Rocket in 2007.

The 2010s saw a huge surge in venture studio creations, including Science, eFounders, Atomic, and Pioneer Square Labs.  There is a growing recognition of the model and acceptance of venture studios as a new asset class.

I feel Platform is in great company and I’m excited to start this journey.

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